May 30, 2024

Capturing Jordan: Images That Tell a Thousand Tales

Our names are Nick and Hannah from Salt in our Hair ( and through our images we want to inspire you to travel to Jordan. Here’s a list of our favorite places to visit:

The Ancient City of Petra

Hidden in a desert valley lies Petra, one of the seven wonders of the world. Carved from rose-colored stone, this lost city was rediscovered just 200 years ago. As you wander through Petra, you'll encounter the Siq, a narrow gorge that leads to the iconic Treasury, a 40-meter-high structure that suddenly appears from behind the rocks. Don’t miss the hike to the Monastery for a breathtaking view from above. 


Salt, also known as As-Salt, is an ancient trading city northwest of Amman. Spread across three mountains, it offers some of Jordan’s most impressive views. Walking the 1-kilometer Harmony Trail, you’ll explore influences from the Romans, Byzantine, Mamluks, and Ottomans. This compact city is best explored on foot, visiting ancient mosques, churches, and the lively old bazaar. Despite its rich history and beautiful yellow limestone buildings, Salt is often overlooked by travelers, making it a great visit in Jordan.

Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum (, with its captivating scenery, is one of Jordan's most stunning locations. This protected area spans over 750 km², featuring unique rock formations, ancient inscriptions, and enchanting red sand dunes. Roam the desert in a jeep, spot camels, and end the day under a star-filled sky. Known for its Mars-like landscape, Wadi Rum has been a filming location for movies like "The Martian" and "Star Wars." Staying in a Bedouin camp offers an immersive experience in this otherworldly environment.

Amman (

Jordan’s capital, Amman, is one of the oldest cities in the world. Amidst its earth-colored cube houses, you’ll find Roman ruins, famous mosques, and bustling markets. Amman’s vibrant neighborhoods are filled with beautiful artwork and delicious cuisine. Take time to explore the Roman ruins in the city center, visit galleries, and enjoy Jordan’s renowned falafel. The city’s blend of ancient history and modern culture makes it a captivating destination.

Dead Sea

The Dead Sea, nearly 4 million years old, is a natural wonder with its high salt content, allowing you to float effortlessly. Enjoy the mineral-rich water and take a rejuvenating mud bath on one of the beaches. The Dead Sea’s unique properties result from its landlocked nature and high evaporation rate, leaving behind dense, salty water. For the ultimate luxury, stay at a resort with spa facilities, or visit a public beach for a more budget-friendly option.

Wadi Mujib

Wadi Mujib, a large biosphere reserve, offers adventurous trails through stunning canyons. The Siq Trail is a thrilling experience that includes wading through rivers and climbing ladders up waterfalls. This refreshing hike through towering cliffs is a must-do after exploring Jordan’s sun-soaked landscapes. 

We hope these locations inspire you to grab your camera and explore every corner of what Jordan has to offer!